NOURISH Simplified

The simplified option provides tips to help you navigate making personalized and supportive food choices, meal planning, and grocery shopping. Included is a four day Food Journal analysis with education. If you feel that you have a good handle on what your body needs, and you’re just seeking some tweaks, let’s connect! You’ll walk away from the week feeling empowered to make supportive choices.

One week of guidance


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A completely individualized approach to your overall wellness, utilizing the guiding foundations of Holistic Nutritional Therapy. We’ll use an assessment tool to look at your current symptoms and relate them to areas that need a little extra love to heal. You’ll get Practitioner guided supplementation, plus everything from “Simplified.”

One month of guidance


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We’re getting even more comprehensive with this option! We will not only look at what you put in your body, but also how you move your body, and the voice you share with yourself. Wellness is multifaceted…as is this option. I’ll meet you where you are in your wellness journey and guide you from there. And, we’ll probably be besties at the end of the three months. Please note that “All In” includes everything from “Simplified” & “Reboot.”

Three months of guidance

$649 (monthly payments available)

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NOURISH Lifestyle

It’s been said that it takes 88 days to make a habit a subconscious choice. This option is with you through those eighty-eight days, plus eighty eight more (for safe keeping)! You get half a year of access to my knowledge and expertise in Holistic Nutrition…your connection to food and nutrition will undoubtedly change in this timeframe. If you’re looking for a significant change, and you have a desire for prolonged accountability, Lifestyle is for you! AND, I can’t wait to do this work with YOU.

Six months of guidance

$1249 (monthly payments available)

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