One week of guidance

The simplified option provides tips to help you navigate making personalized and supportive food choices, meal planning, and grocery shopping.


One month of guidance

A completely individualized approach to your overall wellness, utilizing the guiding foundations of Holistic Nutritional Therapy.

All In

Three months of guidance

We will not only look at what you put in your body, but also how you move your body, and the voice you share with yourself.


Six months of guidance

This option is with you through those eighty-eight days, plus eighty eight more (for safe keeping)!

Unique Healthy Experience

Meet Kristie

I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, here to help you crack the code on the nagging symptoms that keep you from feeling your absolute best! In this holistic space, we dive deep to find and HEAL the root cause of your health concerns….insert exhale! Your body is built to restore optimal function, we just need to clear the “noise” that’s getting in the way. The coolest part of our work together is the power you regain, and the insight you’ll have to make supportive daily choices!

A little juice on me…..
Meaningful conversation is my jam!
Boy Mom X’s 2
Long walks are my favorite coping mechanism
Current motto – laughter is not underrated! (side note – you can hear mine from a mile away!)
Coffee lover and recipe creator
Seeking knowledge one book at a time
Showing up as my most authentic self personally and professionally!

If you’re feeling called to work together, I’d love to connect. Check out the link below to learn more about my service offerings – let’s find the best fit for your needs.

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Taste Of Good Health

I love working with Kristie not only because she is so knowledgeable, but she has taught me that my body is constantly communicating with me. I have learned to feed myself in a way that gives me the energy I need to feel my best, to perform in my workouts the way I want, and to trust that my body will behave in direct correlation to how I nourish it!

– Ashleigh
Anyone else a “creature of habit” when it comes to your morning routine 🙋🏽‍♀️I legit go to bed looking forward to my morning coffee and oats!...
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Superfood Bars
1C sprouted oats
1/4C teff flour
1/3C oat flour
2 scoops collagen powder...
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Just because we don’t FEEL stressed, doesn’t mean we AREN’T stressed! Our nervous systems have become so dysregulated that we can’t recognize the feeling of stress anymore...
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change is SO much more palatable when there’s a deep understanding of the “why”! it’s one thing to tell someone to stop eating gluten...
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hi everyone :) shocking that I’m posting, I know :) it’s been a hot minute ( or few years) since i’ve really been on here...
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this is my version of a bouquet of 💐 to all of you as a huge virtual “thank YOU” for the love, support & enthusiasm this week as I announced the new biz!...
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this post is two things...
1. dreaming of warm ☀️ and outdoor workouts, soaking up all the Vitamin D and breathing in fresh air!...
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6:30pm Friday and we’re in pj’s! I think our weekend goal is to not leave 🏡...
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